About us

Everyone at HOME Improvement and Remodeling Magazine is devoted to making our publication successful in every way. We care greatly about our readers and strive to make each issue highly anticipated with new ideas and new information. HOME Improvement and Remodeling Magazine is the premier resource for homeowners in the Sacramento region to find the contractors you can trust to do the work so that you enjoy where you live. In order to accomplish this for our readers, we have gathered the local businesses that can help you turn these ideas into realities. Our advertisers provide the experience, knowledge and service that you can rely on to make these important improvements to your home. The ideas you read and learn about come directly from the source. Editorial stories in our magazine are written by the companies that participate in the publication. This element has made HOME Improvement and Remodeling Magazine the most focused marketing tool available to businesses in the Home Improvement industry. Our goal is provide what is important to everyone involved with our magazine. For our readers, a place to learn, be inspired, and accomplish the improvements you want for your home; for our advertisers, a place to reach out to the homeowners interested in making improvements to their homes. We sincerely hope that you enjoy each and every issue of HOME Improvement and Remodeling Magazine.